Director - Producer - Cinematographer - Editor - VFX - Motion Graphics

Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics reel. 2019

"Brave - Bold - Disruptive"  -Tomboyx

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EOS Hackathon 2018. Directed and animated.


Amazon_Polly from on Vimeo.

Amazon Polly promo 2017. Animation Director/Art Director

Amazon Lex from on Vimeo.

Amazon Lex promo. 2017 Animation Director

Amazon Rekognition promo. 2016 Animation Director/ Art Director

New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art
Produced and Directed. Graphic Designer. Editing.

HALOS - Music Video - "Equilibrium".
Director. Cinematography. Editing. Graphics.

Short Film - "Random Tangents".
Co-director. Cinematography. Editor. Graphics.

Editing, motion graphics.

Video Promotion. Editing. Cinematography. Graphics.

myfriendlenny - Music Video - "Catch Me".
Director. Cinematography. Editing.Graphics.

Particle and Visual Effects Artist Reel. 2015

Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme: "Hey Big Freak"

Music Video - Editor